Expat Style: Fourth of July [Stars, Stripes, and Style]

It’s officially July! This means two things: less than a month til my birthday, and FOURTH OF JULY IS IN A FEW DAYS! YAY!!!

I was browsing twitter about a week ago, and I stumbled across the lovely Courtney Fashionista. I saw that she and a few other bloggers were doing a link up for the Fourth of July. Being a stereotypical american who loves this holiday, I was definitely excited to participate, and I came up with two looks for America Day.

Even though I’m in Denmark, I can still show my American pride!

This look is the more polished of the two. I found this wonderful dress on sale at Francesca’s a year ago, and the sandals are from JustFab. This is actually what I wore for last year’s Fourth (when I met the penguin). I love this dress because it’s comfy and perfectly patriotic. 


This is most likely what I’ll be wearing on Saturday because it’s all things Americana. I started with a PHL graphic tank from Cheesesteak Tees (to show some love to my one true home of Philadelphia) and put it with some denim jogger shorts from American Apparel. Just in case the Danish summer gets a little chilly, I layered on my fave denim shirt from the charity shop. I also had to have a little bit of the flag, so I added the USA sneakers by Vans and sunnies from Five Below. 

Here’s a look at the outfits!


The Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday (behind Halloween), and I love celebrating it. Even though I’m thousands of miles away from my home country, I’m still going to wear my stars and stripes! Too bad I can’t buy fireworks though…

How are you celebrating the Fourth this year?? I’d love to see your patriotic outfits! 

⭐️This post is proudly part of a Stars, Stripes and Style Link Up! For more Americana-inspired looks, visit Courtney Fashionista for a full list of all participating blogs⭐️
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12 thoughts on “Expat Style: Fourth of July [Stars, Stripes, and Style]

    1. Happy Fourth of July, girl!!! I’d love to celebrate with you next year 🙂 glad you like the looks. I loved the one on your blog! Xx


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