Expat Style: Pernille Corydon Open Coin Jewelry

Since I’ve been in Denmark, I’ve definitely been enjoying all the new fashion and design available here. One of the first designers that I took notice of was Pernille Corydon. The Viking and I were Christmas shopping for his sister, and jewelry was on her list. While picking a gift for her, I quickly fell in love lots of wonderful pieces. Imagine my surprise when I opened my gift from the Viking’s parents to see that it was set of Pernille Corydon earrings!

 These amazing earrings were an awesome Christmas present. I’m usually not a gold wearer, but I definitely make an exception for these. Seriously, how cute are they? If you want some for yourself, you can find them here.

Fast forward a couple of months to the Viking’s birthday.

Last month, we were celebrating his 30-something-ish birthday with his family. There was small mountain of presents for him for him to tear into. After the unwrapping was complete, I was surprised when his mother handed me a small gift. They had decided to give us gifts together since our birthdays are a month apart. I unwrapped it and found two beautiful pieces by Pernille Corydon to match my Christmas present. What a sweet surprise! 

 I’m super excited about this necklace. Since gold isn’t really a color I wear often, I don’t really have any options when it comes to neckwear. The few gold pieces I do have are earrings. Now I finally have something to wear with them all. I also love that it’s adjustable. So many of necklaces aren’t. You can find this piece here.

This bracelet is so adorable. I love that it’s adjustable, and I also like the mixture of materials. The black and gold look beautiful together, so this piece definitely something I’m going to enjoy wearing. You can find it here

I’m so grateful to the Viking’s parents for getting me these wonderful gifts. I look forward to wearing them a lot in the future!

What do you think of this designer? Would you wear these pieces?


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4 thoughts on “ Expat Style: Pernille Corydon Open Coin Jewelry

  1. Hey!

    Hope things are good with you! I love these pieces – they are gorgeous! I would definitely wear them!

    Sarah xx



  2. Hi Angie, I’m visiting Copenhagen briefly in a few months, I am brainstorming possible easy souvenirs in the house wares or clothing/accessories categories. This brand is really cute, though I see on their retailers list is a boutique here in Philly only blocks from where I work so I may pop in there for a look!


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