Blogmas #18 | Gifts from my Students

Hey all! Sorry in advance for the super short post. I’m a little pressed for time, but I’ve gotten through 17 days of Blogmas and I’m not about to skip a day now!

In case you didn’t know, I work as a teacher, and my students had their last day of the semester not too long ago. I wasn’t expecting to receive any gifts, so I was completely surprised when 3 of my students gave me presents. 

Here’s what my lovely students gave me! 


I got a bag of chocolates, a gift card to a department store called Magasin, and a teeny poinsettia in the most adorable little pot. 

I’m not going to lie. I was really touch when I received these gifts. I have a great group of students, and all of their parents are just as pleasant. When I get presents like these I feel so appreciate and like all my hard work has been worth it!

Did you receive any gifts from your job this year? Is your hard work appreciated?

3 thoughts on “Blogmas #18 | Gifts from my Students

  1. My boyfriend works in the purchasing department of a trading firm, and he gets all sorts of gifts around the holidays from his suppliers – he got wine, premium chocolates, and even cigars! I work at one of the big Danish banks, where we don’t get any gifts, sadly.


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