Blogmas #21 | 5 Blogs I’ve Bookmarked 

Hey all!

I’ve finally decided to do a post that features a few blogs that I think are worth reading. I spend a lot of time looking at posts, and there are so many amazing bloggers out there! Seriously, you guys. This community is full of wonderful talent. But for this post, I will talk about only a few of them.

These are the blogs I have been reading recently!

1. The Flower That Blooms

I love Lauren and Rachel! This was one of the first blogs that I started reading regularly, and I’ve been keeping up with it ever since. These sisters are absolutely adorable and have different styles, so it’s quite easy to find something you enjoy.

Post I Love:  Lazy Baking | Star Wars Cookies

2. Minnie Mouse Chic

Lauren is beyond cute! This girl has great style, and her outfit post are phenomenal. But it’s not just fashion, she also includes posts that give you little glimpses into her life. I definitely feel like I’ve gotten to know her through her blog!

Post I Love: Coconut Lane

3. Rent or Chanel?

Georgina is such a doll! I love her sense of style, and I can totally relate to her Disney obsession. I’m also a sucker for anyone who’s as obsessed with Kawaii as I am!

Post I Love: Christmas Jumper Cookies

4. What Maff Said

I’ve recently discovered this blog, and I read it regularly. It’s not often that I find a male blogger that I enjoy reading, but this guy is definitely worth checking out. He posts about various topics and has a great sense of humor!

Post I Love: 10 Corny Christmas Jokes

5. Dorkface

There’s no way that I could not include the creator of #girlgang! I’ve been reading her blog for a while now, and I’m beyond obsessed. Her blog is fun and bubbly, and I find myself getting so excited everytime I see she has a new post!

Post I Love:  10 Things Drunk People Do (or Just Me)


I do hope that you check out these amazing blogs if you haven’t already. They are just 5 of the many blogs that I read on a regular basis.

Do you read these blogs? Are there any that you think I should have included on my list?





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