3 Reasons I NEEDED to Take a Break from the Blog

Good lord you guys. I haven’t posted anything on this blog since February, and that is not ok. My blog turned a year old(!!!) back in April, and I wasn’t around to celebrate it all! But in all honesty, I was definitely needing a break due to a lot of factors. I figured that now was as good of a time as any to fill you all in on why I’ve been on such a long hiatus. 


Reason #1: Work

I’ll tell you one thing…I totally forgot how utterly draining being a teacher can be. Now that I’m back to teaching full time, my schedule is packed with meetings, prep work, grades, field trips, and staff events. Blogging had to take to take a back seat, so I wouldn’t fall behind and miss deadlines. I haven’t yet found a good way to balance my time to manage both my school and blog work. The good news is that the school year will be over soon, and I can try to get back into the blogging groove again over the summer vacation. One of my goals for the next school year is to be able to post at least twice a week while still keeping my classroom from catching fire. We’ll see how that goes…

Reason #2: Health

The biggest reason that I took time away from the blog was my health. I have already been dealing with some mild chronic issues for a big part of my life, and over the past couple months, I developed new infections with troubling symptoms. I didn’t have to miss much work (thank god), but I was unfortunately in severe pain for most of the school year. I barely had the energy to work on the things I needed to get done for my job, much less my blog. Thankfully, after a long and frustrating struggle with numerous doctors, I’m happy to report that I have been back to my regular healthy self for almost two whole weeks now. I feel better than I have in months, and I’m ready to spend this newfound energy!

Reason #3: Danish Class

Oh my god ya’ll. It’s time for real talk. Danish is a ridiculously difficult language to learn. I’ve been in night classes for 3 1/2 hours twice a week since August, so the time I would like to put into blogging is instead spent in a room with 14 other foreigners butchering words like fødselsdag, retfærdighed, and pårørende. Even after 10 months of studying, I still I feel like I have learned literally nothing. My written Danish is passable at best on a good day, but my spoken Danish is laughably atrocious. I can barely get my groceries without horribly mispronouncing something. And…I guess it’s definitely not helping that I straight up refuse to speak in Danish with the Viking

Vi skal snakke lidt mere på dansk om sommeren måske. Ja…ellers tak.

Welp. There you go. These are the 3 things that have been keeping me away for the blog. I know it’s nothing really interesting, but it’s the honest truth. I’m definitely planning on getting my act together over the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to it. Since I started this blog over a year ago, I haven’t stuck to any regular posting schedule, and frankly, that’s irking me something fierce. I know it’s way too late in the year to make resolutions, but I’m making one anyway: I will become a steady and reliable blogger. Not because I feeling like anyone has necessarily missed posts from me or anything (I’m sure like only 3 people have read my blog more than once). It’s just something I want to do for myself.

What about you? Have you had to take a break from blogging for similar reasons? Let me know below!


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