Introducing the No-Repeat Workwear Challenge | Week 1 [Aug 31-Sept 2]

Hey y’all

I know I’ve been a terrible blogger ever since I started this blog forever ago. Seriously, I only have like 30-something posts in the almost year and half I’ve been ‘blogging’.  That’s just sad. But I swear I’m doing my best now to really find my groove here. I’m going to try to post at least twice a week from now one (three times if I’m particularly productive). I’m hopefully going to be finalizing a posting schedule here in the next few weeks, but I don’t want to get to ahead of myself just yet.

Let’s just focus on today’s post, shall we?

In addition to early years education, I’m extraordinarily obsessed with fashion as well. I love shopping and trying to find new ways to wear the things I already have. But I’m also guilty of repeating the same outfits over and over again. That’s why I’ve decided to set myself a challenge:

For this WHOLE school year, I’m not going wear the same outfit more than once. YIKES!

The reason I’m doing this is because last year, I found myself kind of getting stuck in ruts and reusing the same things over and over again instead of the using my closet to its full potential. I would wear the same shirts with the same pants, and same dresses with the same cardigan repeatedly even though I had many other options. This year, I want to push myself to use pieces I’ve been neglecting and find new combinations that I wouldn’t normally try. Usually, when I find an outfit that works, I repeat it over and over until it becomes boring, and I’m trying to break this habit. Naturally, I’m going to document each outfit to help ensure that I don’t repeat a full outfit. Each week I will be sharing the looks I wore to work, and if you see me wear the same outfit please yell at me!  My overall goal is to get more creative with my wardrobe and expand my horizons.

So let’s take a look the first outfits of the challenge!

On Wednesday I wore a sleeveless gingham print dress with a matching belt that I purchased over the summer at the Ann Taylor Outlet in Texas. The dress was an online return (and 50% off), so I snatched it up at bargain. It was a little chilly in the classroom that day, so I topped it off a with bright green sweater I bought almost 5 years ago at the Ann Taylor store in Philadelphia. I finished off the look with my plain ol’ black flats from Target that I’ve had for at least 3 years. This is definitely my favorite look of the week. I mean, come on, how cute is that dress!

On Thursday, I wore a denim button down skirt I purchased at Banana Republic in Texas over the summer. The adorable patterned top is by Second Female, and I picked up at a shop in Copenhagen, and I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. I’ve only worn this top with the matching shorts, so it was nice to switch things up and wear it with different bottoms. The sneakers are from the J Crew Outlet in Texas. I did plan on wearing sandals with this look, but I’m dumb and forgot to put them in my bag before I biked to work…

On Friday, I wore a white sleeveless top that I picked up in July at the Ann Taylor Outlet outside Philadelphia. It was really warm in the classroom, so I didn’t need to wear any other layer. Luckily, the top looks great on its own. The patterned pants are from the H&M kids department to be perfectly honest. I’m quite short (only 5’), so a lot of my pants and leggings are from the children’s section of various stores. It’s cheaper than adult clothing, so that’s a giant plus. The black sandals are from a Kenneth Cole store in Texas, and they’re super comfy. I definitely have to apologize for the terrible quality of these photos (especially this last one). Due to time restrictions (and horrible lighting at my apartment), I have to take photos in the middle of the school day while my students are resting on mats on the other side of the room. I usually only have time for one shot, so I have to make do with what I’m able to take. Needless to say, another goal is to get better at my photography…

Okay. I know that I’m missing Monday and Tuesday for the week, and I’m also missing photos from the first week and a half of school. Whoops. I decided to start this challenge on Wednesday morning, so unfortunately those days will have to be left out. But from now until the end of the year, I will do my best to document a different outfit every day. I can repeat pieces, of course, but the combinations will not be the same. I’m really looking forward to this challenge, and I hope I can come with a whole bunch of new ways to wear my wardrobe.

What do you think of this challenge? Do you think you could wear a different outfit to work every day?

Wish me luck!


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