What the World Was Like When My Students Were Born

Hey y’all!

For today’s Teacher Tuesday, I wanted to do something a little bit different. Every single day, I look around my classroom and see 16 sweet little faces, and the oldest of these sweet little faces are 5 years old. Which means one thing…none of my students were on the face of this earth before 2011.

Just take a moment and let that sink in. My kids in my class basically didn’t exist 5 years ago.

Now even though to me it feels like only yesterday, I’ve still definitely forgotten about a lot things that happened back in 2011. So I figured it would be fun to think back on  what the world was like when my class was born.

So what was going down in 2011?

  1. Everyone was falling in love with Adele. You literally couldn’t go anywhere without hearing ‘Rolling in the Deep’.
  2. The entire world watched Kate Middleton marry Prince William (and got totally distracted by Pippa).
  3. Oprah ended her talk show after 25 years.
  4. Everyone was planking, and it was awkward.
  5. Tebowing was a thing. Dear lord, why was Tebowing a thing?
  6. Charlie Sheen was having a total meltdown but insisted he was still #winning.
  7. Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher replaced him on ‘Two and a Half Men’, (and also divorced Demi Moore).
  8. Scotty McCreery was the reigning winner of American Idol.
  9. Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast.
  10. Amanda Knox was freed from Italian prison.
  11. Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ was stuck in everyone’s head, and it was the most watched Youtube video of the year.
  12. The Harry Potter movie franchise came to a close with the premiere of The Deathly Hallows Part 2.
  13. The world was blessed with Nyan Cat.
  14. Occupy Wall Street protests were everywhere.
  15. President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.
  16. Japan was hit by an earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear plant meltdown.
  17. Hipster Ariel was one of the most prevalent memes on the internet.
  18. Bridesmaids was released in theaters, and it was the best thing ever.
  19. We all became obsessed with the Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens when Game of Thrones premiered on HBO.
  20. Honey Badger didn’t care.
  21. Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries…and got divorced 72 days later…
  22. Steve Jobs lost his battle to cancer.
  23. Anders Behring Breivik committed two terror attacks in Norway leaving 77 dead.
  24. The Penn State pedophile scandal shook the college football community to the core.
  25. The murder of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony filled all decent human beings with rage.
  26. Everyone and their mother was playing Minecraft.
  27. Katy Perry and Russel Brand got divorced leaving us to wonder why they were even together in the first place.
  28. Beyonce announced that she was going to be a mom!

I just want to point out that some of my students where born in 2012, so Blue Ivy is totally old enough to be in my class. That’s both really awesome and a little strange. ANYWAY…


I had lot of fun strolling down memory lane and remembering all the all the awesome (and less than awesome) things that happened in 2011. I still can’t believe that my students were just coming into the world when all of this happening. Good lord I’m old.

Do you remember all these events? Is there anything that happened in 2011 that I missed??




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