No Repeat Work Wear Challenge | Week 2 [Sept 5-9]

Hey y’all!

In case you missed it last week, I decided to start a new challenge for my myself. For the entire school year, I will be wearing a different work outfit every day. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because I’m trying to test my creativity and see if I can incorporate neglected items in my closet. Another reason I’m challenging myself is to combat the stereotype that teachers aren’t fashionable. I’m here to prove that teacher fashion can be fun and experimental while still being super comfortable.

Enough yapping! Let’s take a look at this week’s outfits. 

On Monday, I failed to pick my outfit the night before, so I was scrambling to find something quick and easy. I settled on this gorgeous printed dress from a discount boutique in Copenhagen. I originally bought it as a beach cover up, but it’s undeniably adorable I couldn’t help but find a use for it in my work wardrobe. I paired the dress with a long blue cardigan that I bought forever ago at Ross and some tan pointed flats from JustFab.

On Tuesday, I wore a black, tan, and white patterned blouse that I picked up from T.J. Maxx over the summer in Texas, and I wore them with some black jeans that I shamelessly bought from the kid’s department of H&M. On my feet, I decided to wear some cutesy little tan flats that killed my feet in Texas but are thankfully super comfortable now that they’re broken in properly.

On Wednesday, I woke up to find that I, yet again, forgot to set an outfit aside for the day. I quickly grabbed a cowl-necked Ann Taylor LBD that I’ve had in my closet for ages upon ages. Then I checked the weather and saw the less -than-warm forecast, so I snatched a gray and white striped cardigan (also from Ann Taylor) off my shelf. I shoved the sweater and dress in my backback and rushed to work on my bike. When I got there, I realized I forgot to pack the flats I planned to wear. Thankfully, my black and gray Vans suited the outfit nicely. PHEW!

On Thursday, I wore an outfit that I originally planned to wear on Tuesday. However, I had packed pasta with red sauce for Tuesday and Wednesday’s lunch. I know how messy of an eater I am, so I decided it was best to save this look for a day I had something neater to eat. The blouse is a $10 bargain from a Texas T.J. Maxx. Surprisingly, I managed to find these jeans in the petite section of Ann Taylor Loft, and I must say that it’s really nice when I can fit in jeans that are actually made for adults. The powder blue loafers were an impulse purchase from JustFab over a year ago, and I’ve literally only worn them twice total. Even though it’s not my usual style, this look was definitely my favorite of the week.

On Friday, I was feeling a little tired and quite lazy, so I threw on a midi skirt from Forever 21. It’s so incredibly comfortable like a cozy blanket but still looks put together. I styled the skirt with a blouse with a teeny floral design (in the picture it just looks like dots, but trust me- they’re flowers) from Ann Taylor Loft. It was an uncharacteristically warm day here in Denmark (around 72°F/22°C), so I decided to wear my silver sandals by Kenneth Cole.
And there you have it, all five looks from the work week!  It’s the first full week of the challenge, and right now, I’m feeling pretty confident that I can last the whole school year without repeating an outfit. That being said, I’ll probably feel differently in a month or two when I get forgetful and have to double check that I haven’t worn a look before…

What was your favorite look this week? Is this a challenge you think you could do yourself?



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