No Repeat Work Wear Challenge | Week 7 [Oct 10-14]

Hey y’all!

This post is a little bit delayed because being on Fall Break has made me a bit lazy. I finally took a break from my Deadliest Catch marathon to finish this post.

(Ok so maybe I lied…I’m still on the couch watching my show. But HEY! At least I’m typing while I watch it…)

Last week was the 7th in my No Repeat Work Wear Challenge. It was also the last week of my teaching unit and Parent-Teacher Conferences. Needless to say, I didn’t put that much effort into these 5 outfits because I was just so busy. Oh well.

Let’s take a look at them anyway! 

On Monday, I felt the most pulled together. I wore a teal, long sleeved, faux -silk shirt from Forever 21 with my acid washed, gray jeans from H&M. It was a little chilly, so I had to add a bulky, gray cardigan that I picked up from BooHoo. On my feet, I wore my black, heeled booties from JustFab.

On Tuesday, I wore a sleeveless, chambray button down underneath a gray sweater I’ve had for at least 5 years (probably from Ross). Instead of wearing pants, I opted for a gray, knit skirt from H&M. I was in a comfy kind of mood, so I wore my gray and black Vans. They’re starting to get a little dirty, but they’re still super cozy.

On Wednesday, I layered a white, sleeveless button down under a Copenhagen sweatshirt I bought at TopShop. For bottoms, I chose my black, ponte knit pants from Ann Taylor. These pants are as comfy as sweatpants but cut like jeans, so I’m surprised I don’t wear them more. As for shoes, I wore my pointy toed, black booties from JustFab. They still need to be stretched out a little a more, but I’m sure a few more wears will fix that right up.

On Thursday, I didn’t have much time to chose an outfit, so I picked something quick and easy. I wore a gray bodycon dress from Forever 21 under a black and gray striped sweatshirt that I bought at Burlington Coat Factory.  Because it’s starting to feel more like winter than fall, I had to add some opaque, black tights from H&M and some lace up, black booties from JustFab to stay warm.

On Friday, it was Field Trip Day! You can read more about my thoughts on field trips in my last post. I took my class to a park, so I used it as an excuse to be more casual than usual. I layered a white, longline tank from H&M under a long, light blue hoodie from Target. The black leggings are also from Target, and I probably have at least 4 pairs of them. For added warmth, I put on some socks with a fun egg print that I got as part of my Foot Cardigan subscription. Finally, I wore my low-heeled, lace up, brown booties from JustFab.


I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to survived this challenge so far, but I’m glad that I get to take a week off. Hopefully, this next week will be filled with some Halloween-inspired work outfits!

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