No Repeat Work Wear Challenge |  Week 9 [Nov 1-4]

Hey y’all!

I can’t believe that it’s already November! This year has just been flying by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was starting the No Repeat Work Wear Challenge, and now we’re already in Week 9! This one counted as a 4-day week because Monday the 31st was Halloween. Therefore, I included my Dora the Explorer costume in the Halloweek post.

It should also be noted that I had run out of contacts this past week, so my glasses have made an unexpected appearance. But honestly, I tend to wear my glasses more during the fall and winter anyway.

Let’s take a look at what I wore this week!

On Tuesday, I was (unfortunately) unable to take a picture, so a subpar flat lay will have to do. I wore a striped top from J.Crew that I’ve had for years upon years with my Ann Taylor jeans and JustFab lace up booties. Pretty simple, but incredibly comfortable.

On Tuesday, I felt like mixing it up a bit. I wore a black sweater with some mesh detailing at the bottom (from Moss Copenhagen) with my acid wash jeans from H&M. On my feet, I decided to wear some shoes that are a bit different from my usual style. The black and gold sneakers are by Michael Kors, and I snagged them for a bargain (just 20 USD) at Marshall’s. I’ve had them for about 2 years and have never worn them. I finally gave them a chance, and it was the best thing ever! They’re so cozy that it feels like I’m just wearing slippers. Expect to see these a lot more often!

On Thursday, I wanted to keep it really simple. I wore a light gray, oversized sweatshirt from Moss Copenhagen with some simple black leggings. I wore my trusty black slip ons from J.Crew, but it was a little chilly so I had to throw on some Adventure Time socks that I had in my desk for emergencies (if you look closely you can see Jake the Dog peeking out slightly). To keep the outfit from being too boring, I added a statement necklace from H&M.

On Friday, I was tired and lazy, and obviously didn’t feel like putting much effort into getting dressed. I put a well-worn, longline sweater (that I bought at Urban Outfitters back in my college days) over another pair of black leggings. I finished it off with my JustFab booties, and a typewriter necklace that one of my best friends gave me when I was Maid of Honor at her wedding.


There you have it! Another 4 outfits have been added to the No Repeat Work Wear Challenge. See you next week with 5 more!


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