No Repeat Work Wear Challenge | Week 12 [Nov 21-25]

Hey y’all!

This installment of the No Repeat Work Wear Challenge is a week late, I know. But I swear I have a good excuse. As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, I broke my hand last Friday, and I was in a lot of pain up until maybe 3 days ago. I was fitted with a cast on Saturday (the 26th), and I was in no condition to finish up this post last Sunday. So I decided I would postpone it to today.

Also, I stayed home from work this whole week which means there’s no additional outfits to show today. So technically we’re all caught up.

So let’s take a very belated look!

On Monday, I layered a long blue cardigan from Burlington Coat Factory (I think) over a printed button down from H&M. I also wore my black jeans from Gap just because I haven’t worn them for a while. I added my black booties because my footwear options are limited, but who cares…they’re cute!

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling really lazy, so I kept it comfy. I wore my thrifted denim button down over a minty t-shirt dress from American Apparel. On my legs, I wore some cozy gray leggings that I picked up from H&M and my fave brown lace up booties. I was also having a terrible hair day, so I hid it with a messy bun and lavender bandana. Problem solved.

On Wednesday, I felt like throwing on my cobalt blue jeans from Kohls to combat the dreary the November weather. On top, I wore a white and black patterned button down from Banana Republic under a simple black cardigan from H&M. Oh, and of course I wore my trusty black booties.

On Thursday, it was Thanksgiving! It’s one of my favorite holidays, so I invited all of my students’ families to my classroom for a (very international) potluck lunch. There was delicious food from all 13 different countries represented in my class in addition to the traditional Thanksgiving foods I made myself. It was an absolutely amazing experience, but of course, it meant that I had no time to take a photo of my outfit. So here’s a lame flat-lay! I layered a tan Ann Taylor tank top under a blue, long line button down that I found on sale at Magasin. I was also in the mood for leggings, so I wore some new ones that I bought from ASOS. And surprise surprise! My brown lace up booties made yet another appearance.

On Friday, I wore another pair of ASOS leggings under a striped t-shirt dress that I snatched up at Ross. The long gray cardigan was something I bought at Burlington Coat Factory forever ago. I also wore my black lace up booties because I hadn’t worn them at all yet that week, and they needed a little love.

Fun Fact: This was what I was wearing when I fell off my bike and broke my hand!


And that’s it for November! I will not be posting outfits for November 28th-December 2nd because I stayed home from work the entire week due to the whole broken hand thing. But I’ll be back soon with the first few looks from December!

To be perfectly honest, when I found out I needed a cast, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh dear god. This is going to make the No Repeat Work Wear Challenge soooo much more difficult!’ Thankfully…Christmas break is almost here, so I only have to dress around this clunky ol’ cast for a two weeks…


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