Meetup at the Color Run

Making friends as an adult is definitely difficult, but not entirely impossible. The two places that most people make friends are at school and at work. Unfortunately for me, I have neither of those at the moment. I’m still unemployed, and I’m not yet enrolled in Danish classes. Therefore, I get asked how I’m managingContinue reading “Meetup at the Color Run”

Redefining the Cross-Country Road Trip: Copenhagen to Aalborg

Last week, I was in Aalborg for my boyfriend’s father’s 66th birthday party. I was really hoping to be able to document a Danish birthday, and I looked forward to it all week. Sadly, I was feeling under the weather last Saturday, and I ended up sleeping for most of the weekend. Now I haveContinue reading “Redefining the Cross-Country Road Trip: Copenhagen to Aalborg”

A Bike-less Biker in a Biking City

After half a year in Copenhagen,  I’m still bike-less, and when I tell anyone that, their reaction is something like “Oh. So how to do you get around?” I usually respond by saying, “Well, my legs are short, but they work just fine. So yes, I can meet up with you in Indre By orContinue reading “A Bike-less Biker in a Biking City”

6 Months an Expat

Today marks my 6 month anniversary in Denmark, and I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into back in October, and to be honest, I continue to have no idea what I’m doing. I’m still waiting for my residency paperwork to go through,Continue reading “6 Months an Expat”