Fall Break in Berlin | A Photo Journal

Back in September, the Viking and I were trying to decide what to do over fall break. We wanted to escape Copenhagen for a few days, but we just couldn’t decide where to go. We discussed it for a few days and finally chose a destination: We decided to go to Berlin! We booked theContinue reading “Fall Break in Berlin | A Photo Journal”

#WeBlogSummer Week 2: Summer Holidays [European To-Visit List]

Last week, I introduced the #WeBlogSummer series with my Danish Summer Bucket List. This week’s theme is ‘Summer Holidays’, so naturally this means another list. But worry. I’m going to keep this short.  Before I moved to Denmark last October, I have never been to Europe. Now that I’m living here, I’m realizing that thereContinue reading “#WeBlogSummer Week 2: Summer Holidays [European To-Visit List]”