My First Ever European Music Festival: Tinderbox 

*Warning: Picture heavy post* I’m a huge fan of live music. I’ve seen a lot of musicians and bands play in my life, but there’s a long list of acts I want to see. One of the bands on that musical bucket list was Modest Mouse. Over the winter, I found out that they wereContinue reading “My First Ever European Music Festival: Tinderbox “

Starting Summer off Right at Distortion Nørrebro

Last Wednesday, Distortion started in Copenhagen. This is a five-day music festival that takes place all across the city. The first day kicked off in Nørrebro, which also happens to be my neighborhood. It would have been crazy not to go (since it was literally right outside my window), so I ventured out into the festivalContinue reading “Starting Summer off Right at Distortion Nørrebro”