#WeBlogSummer Week 4: Summer Photography/Music [Roskilde Festival]

I’ve spent the last two weeks on a trip back home to the States, so I’m really behind on updating my blog. Now I can finally get back to business with the 4th installment of #WeBlogSummer. I was supposed to post this on Monday, but better late than never! If you read my blog, you’ll knowContinue reading “#WeBlogSummer Week 4: Summer Photography/Music [Roskilde Festival]”

My First Ever European Music Festival: Tinderbox 

*Warning: Picture heavy post* I’m a huge fan of live music. I’ve seen a lot of musicians and bands play in my life, but there’s a long list of acts I want to see. One of the bands on that musical bucket list was Modest Mouse. Over the winter, I found out that they wereContinue reading “My First Ever European Music Festival: Tinderbox “