My Copenhagen Summer Bucket List

This summer I’m taking part in the We Blog Summer Series created by the lovely Sophia. There’s a few awesome bloggers participating, and I suggest that you check them all out! I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to write for all of the weeks, but I’ll do the best that I can.

So on to this week’s post!

Every year around June, I’m really quick to fill my summer bucket list with loads of amazing ideas. After cold winters, I get incredibly excited to get out of my apartment to see and do everything. But every year, September rolls around, and I find that I’ve only crossed off a few things from my list.

What do I spend all my summers doing then???

Honestly, I have no idea. I always seem to fall into ruts. I go to the same places and fall into the same routines. To be honest, summers on the East Coast are so uncomfortably hot that I usually just hide out and enjoy my Central AC. However, this summer, I’m in a new country surrounded by new things! I have no ruts to fall into, and it feels really great. Therefore, I plan to enjoy my final weeks of unemployment by actually crossing items off of my summer bucket list for once. There’s so much in Copenhagen that I haven’t done yet!

 #1: Lunch at Papirøen

The Viking and I just did this one yesterday! Papirøen is home to Copenhagen Street Food. I’ve been hearing about it non-stop from my friends, and I saw it all over Instagram. I was really excited to see this place with my own eyes. There’s so many delicious food stalls! Expect a post all about it soon…

photo by @thedanishgirl

  #2: Picnic at Islands Brygge
This is another place that I’ve heard about from friends. The Vikings bike is currently not working, so we don’t really leave the neighborhood that often at the moment. But once we get it fixed, we’re definitely going to be heading down to see what all the fuss surrounding Islands Brygge is about.

 #3: Evening at Tivoli

Technically, I’ve already done this, but I’m not counting it because it was last summer. Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I celebrated my birthday there last year, and I can’t believe that I haven’t been there yet this summer!

Photo by @kasiakuzmich

#4: Bocce in Rosenborg Castle Gardens

I’ve walked through this park several times, but I’ve never really hung out here. It’s not far from my apartment, so what is my excuse? It’s gorgeous here, and I really miss playing bocce. There’s plenty of space here to do that!

Photo by @somewhereincopenhagen

#5: Day Trip to Enø Strand
Literally, the only reason I know about this place is because of Instagram. One of the accounts that I follow is @somewhereincopenhagen, and it is probably my favorite feed. I have already discovered a few new places thanks to it, so I’m very excited to take a trip to this beautiful beach.

 #6: Camp Out at Roskilde Festival

This is another thing that I’ve already crossed up the list. At the beginning of the month, the Viking and I camped out for 4 days and enjoyed lots of amazing music including: Pharrell, Muse, Florence and the Machine (pictured above), Nicki Minaj, and Paul McCartney. Expect a new post all about it soon!

Photo by @selinadenmark

#7: Spend the Day at Bakken
I heard about this amusment park from a friend of mine here in Copenhagen. She told me about the great time she had there, and I looked it up for myself. Bakken is definitely a place I want to see before the end of the summer.

 #8: Swim at Amager Strandpark

It’s no secret. I love beaches and water. Good thing I’m in Copenhagen. Water is everywhere here. Yet again, this is another place that I’ve heard about from friends in the city, and I need to see it for myself.

So let’s see if I actually get any of this done!

#Weblogsummer is the perfect excuse for me to get out and cross off all the things on my summer bucket list! I’m keeping it short, so I have better chance of actually getting around to doing it all. I’ll be updating the list as the summer goes on, and I’m sure the weekly topics will allow me to write posts about these wonderful places.

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What’s on your summer bucket list? Big plans??

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10 thoughts on “My Copenhagen Summer Bucket List

  1. That’s a good list you have there! One of my favorite things to do in Copenhagen in the summer is a canal tour. You can either hop on one of the tourist boats or rent a little boat (e.g. at GoBoat) and sail out on your own – especially the canals of Christianshavn and Holmen are so beautiful!


    1. I saw a few GoBoats last weekend. The Viking and I definitely thought about renting one in the future 🙂


    1. I’m great at making lists but terrible at crossing things off of them! Here’s hoping I actually do some of these things 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the luck! Sometimes when it’s too hot there’s no motivation to leave the apartment. So let’s hope the weather cooperates!


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