Summer Holidays | A European To-Visit List

Last week, I introduced the #WeBlogSummer series with my Danish Summer Bucket List. This week’s theme is ‘Summer Holidays’, so naturally this means another list. But worry. I’m going to keep this short.

Before I moved to Denmark last October, I have never been to Europe. Now that I’m living here, I’m realizing that there are so many places that I want to visit. Back in the US, these cities seemed so far away, but now the only thing that separates me from them is a short plane ride.

Right now, there are 5 cities on my immediate To-Visit List.

#1: Berlin 

Photo by @eurotrato

#2: Amsterdam 

Photo by @paula_gabriela

#3: Reykjavik 

Photo by @valerialauu

#4: Helsinki 

Photo by @cheung_queenie

#5: Stockholm  

Photo by gerygomezb

This is in no way complete list of places I plan to see in Europe, but I have to start somewhere. If I named every European location on my To-Visit List, this would be a painfully long post. These 5 cities are relatively close, so the trips feel easily attainable. Living in Denmark is giving me the perfect excuse to add stamps to my passport, and I can’t wait to get started!

What are your favorite European destinations? What would you suggest I add to my list?  

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10 thoughts on “Summer Holidays | A European To-Visit List

  1. Love these – they are all on my list too 🙂 Luckily I’m getting to travel to Amsterdam this winter (probably not the best time to go). You’re very lucky to be living so close to all of them, get your butt on a plane and go visit! I would also very highly recommend Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik in Croatia 🙂


    1. I can’t wait to go to Iceland. The Viking and I really want to plan a trip there soon. Thanks so much for the kind words!


    1. Rome is definitely going to be a trip we take in the future. I hear it’s amazing there! Paris is def a place I have to see too


  2. Munich is also pretty cool, and very different from Berlin. If you’re in Germany, I’d also head down south to Neuschwanstein – that’s the big castle that inspired Cinderella’s castle at Disney! It’s a bit of a hike up there, unless you pay for a carriage ride, but it’s gorgeous to see. And the inside is also very extravagant!


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