Dog Day at Amager Strandpark

Eeesh. I’m so terrible at making time to blog with my new job… ANYWAY, on with the post. In my Summer Bucket List post back in June, Amager Strandpark was one of the places that I wanted to visit. At the end of August, the Viking and I went for a lovely beach day. We decided toContinue reading “Dog Day at Amager Strandpark”

#WeBlogSummer Week 2: Summer Holidays [European To-Visit List]

Last week, I introduced the #WeBlogSummer series with my Danish Summer Bucket List. This week’s theme is ‘Summer Holidays’, so naturally this means another list. But worry. I’m going to keep this short.  Before I moved to Denmark last October, I have never been to Europe. Now that I’m living here, I’m realizing that thereContinue reading “#WeBlogSummer Week 2: Summer Holidays [European To-Visit List]”