Dog Day at Amager Strandpark

Eeesh. I’m so terrible at making time to blog with my new job… ANYWAY, on with the post.

In my Summer Bucket List post back in June, Amager Strandpark was one of the places that I wanted to visit. At the end of August, the Viking and I went for a lovely beach day. We decided to bring Sherlock along because I was really curious to see how he felt about the water.

I’ve had this dog since he was 6 months old, and this was his first trip to the beach ever. His 5th birthday was a few weeks ago, so I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get this dog in the water…

The first thing we did was go to the small dog friendly area only a short walk from Amager Strandpark. It’s not really a beach per se, but it was still really lovely. There was a large grassy (non-fenced in) area where people were laying with their pets, and the animals were all able to be off their leashes. This terrified me because Sherlock has never ever been allowed to be off of his leash unless there’s a fence. We kept him on his leash for a few minutes, and I finally gave in. Once off, he was really shy, and tried to get back into his carrier bag. But after a while, he started to explore.

Panorama of the dog swimming area


At this point, I decided to get this dog in the water. I slowly walked down the boat ramp with him in my arms, and I promptly fell in because it was super slippery. Whatever. I’ve always been clumsy. Sherlock was more spooked by the fall at first, but when he realized he was being held over water, he got a little nervous.The moment of truth came. Could Sherlock swim??

He paddled in place as I held him in the water, but then I finally let him go. He could swim just fine…but he immediately paddled over to the rocks and quickly hopped out. Apparently Sherlock isn’t a huge fan of swimming…

My little man after his swim

I tried to get Sherlock back in the water for another swim, but he just wasn’t having it. The Viking and I decided to walk down the street to Amager Strandpark. We put Sherlock on his leash and made our way down. There was a dog area down there, and we intended to find it.

Crossing the bridge to the main beach area
Following the path with beach areas on both sides


We started looking around for the dog beach. This wasn’t it…
This wasn’t it either…


Bingo! We found the dog beach!

There were only a few dogs around, but Sherlock was still nervous when we took him off the leash. He’s never been one for the outdoors, but I was hoping he would come around and start bopping around the beach. He stayed close to us, but he didn’t try to crawl into his carrier bag this time. I guess that’s progess…

The dog-less half of the dog beach. Where were all the dogs??


My nervous little guy trying to avoid looking at the water…


Trying to sneak away from the incoming waves

So the Viking and I finally got to spend a day at the beach with our little furry bundle of nerves. Hopefully the next time we take him to the beach, he’ll actually enjoy himself…

Do you live near a doggy beach? What places do you enjoy taking your fur-baby? Let me know down below!

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