A Walk Through the Danish Countryside [Photo Journal]

The Viking and I are both city people. We love living in the middle of the action, so Copenhagen is the perfect spot for us. However, we also enjoy escaping the city for a bit. At the beginning of June, we took a road trip to Northern Jutland to visit his family, and we decided to venture out for a Saturday morning walk while we were there.

Good lord, Denmark is a beautiful country.

I swear to God I’ve never seen grass so green or sky so blue in my life.

Walking down a dirt road

Seriously, how is the sky this blue?

I really enjoyed walking around this small town. I love that fields and farms were so close by. It was a gorgeous day, and the scenery is incredible. This was a very welcome break from city life.

Are you more of a city or country person? Which do you prefer?

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4 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Danish Countryside [Photo Journal]

  1. I’m living in a small city right now, and I’m really liking it. It has some of the benefit of living in the country or small town, like being quieter and having less traffic, but it has a lot more resources than the tiny Missouri town I lived in for a year. We’re also near a few larger cities, so if we’re ever craving more excitement, we can hop on a train and get there pretty quickly (I love German public transportation!).

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  2. Omg public transportation is so great in Denmark too! I never took trains in the States because it was always super frustrating…


    1. I’m SUCH a city girl! I love being in the middle of everything. But if I didn’t live in a city I would def be living near a beach 🙂


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