Blue Taco | Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Mexican Food in Nørrebro

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I’ve only written one restaurant post before on this blog. The first one was about a sushi place in Vesterbro over a year ago, and I’ve definitely been to more than one restaurant since 2015.  I’d love to write more about the interesting eateries I’ve stumbled upon in Copenhagen, so I figured I’d share this lovely taco place I food in Nørrebro.

The Viking and I were doing some shopping a few weeks ago when we got distracted by this cute little place called Blue Taco. It had been a while since we’d been on that particular block, and it certainly wasn’t there the last time we walked by. We vowed to check the place out.

A few days later, we were too lazy to cook, so we decided to head on over to Blue Taco. We walked down the stairs and found ourselves in a tiny, but adorable, joint. The available foods were colorfully listed on the wall which was easier than squinting at a menu. The Viking and I decided on three tacos each and 2  bottles of Jarritos soda.

Anyone who’s met me even once knows that I’m obsessed with Jarritos. I was raised with it, and I’ve introduced it to many on my non-latino friends. It’s hard to come by here in Denmark, so I’m always over the moon when I find it anywhere.

The interior of the restaurant is incredibly small (which isn’t unusual for Copenhagen), so there’s only room for a few stools a long the walls. It was a beautifully warm day, so the Viking and I found seats at a table outside. We sipped our sodas and eagerly awaited our tacos.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long. Our tacos were placed in front of us after only a few minutes. The tortillas were blue, hence the name the restaurant, and I was intrigued because they’re not that common. I took a bite out of the first one, and oh my god the tacos were tasty! The three I ordered (from left to right) were the chicken tinga, shrimp, and cactus. I only went with one vegetarian taco, because I’m an unapologetic meat eater. I would 100% order them again, and I plan to go back in the very near future. I’m usually pretty picky when it comes to tacos (since I grew up eating Mexican food), but they were so delicious that I would even bring my (pickier than I am) parents to Blue Taco.

The best thing about this place is that nearly all of the tacos are gluten-free, and around half of the menu is vegetarian or vegan. A few of my friends are vegetarian, and it can be difficult to find places that have options for everyone. This is one restaurant we can all agree on.

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Have you ever eaten tacos made with blue tortillas? They’re worth a try!



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