That One Time I Went to Another Country Just to Go to Lush

Hey y’all!

When I moved to Denmark two years ago, one of the first things I did was try to find places to shop that were close to what I was used to back home. I tracked down a Sephora, found a substitute for the dollar store, stumbled upon some reliable thrift stores, and all that good stuff. After a few months, I felt like I could find what I wanted in Copenhagen…for the most part. Then one day, I was in desperate need of a good face mask, and immediately realized that I had no idea where the Lush store was.

I turned to google for answers. I figured that there was one in the city center, and I just missed it somehow. I mean, come on. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. There just had to be a Lush here somewhere. Right? RIIIIIIIIGHT???!?


Not only is there NO Lush in Copenhagen, there’s not a single store in the entire country of Denmark. What the literal heck? I know Denmark is a teeny tiny country, but I thought there’d be at least one store here. I saw on the Swedish webpage that they shipped to Denmark, but I was all, ‘Good to know. But not good enough.

Fast forward to a few months ago. The Viking and I were finding presents for his nephew’s 4th birthday. We received a list of things that the Mini Dude wanted, and the first thing on the list was bath bombs. And I knew just were to get them. But there was a catch…

We had to go to Sweden.

The closest Lush store is located in Malmö, Sweden which is just a short train ride over the Øresund Bridge. I was off from work during the week of Fall Break, and the Viking had taken a day off just because, so we decided to hop the train and make our way to Sweden!

We got to Malmö around noon, and we were hungry. I had been wanting to eat at Kitchen and Table for a while now, so we bopped over there for lunch. Marcus Samuelsson is one of my favorite chefs, and I was really excited to eat at one of his restaurants. Maybe when I stop being so gosh darn lazy with the blog, I’ll get around to writing a post about it…

Anyway! After a truly delicious lunch, we took a short walk to the Lush store!


It’s been a long while since I’ve been in a Lush, so I had to just take a second to take it all in. I forgot how amazing it smells in there, so I stood there for a good 30 seconds just breathing in the magic and thinking about how lucky I was back in Philadelphia. The store I worked at was just a block or so away from the Lush store, and I always took it for granted.

I’m never going to take this beautiful store for granted ever again.

*angels singing*

I grabbed a basket and started dipping into all of the samples. Who knows when I would have a free afternoon to come back to Sweden, so I was going to make this count. I couldn’t believe that I had been living without Lush products for almost 2 whole years.

*insert crying face emoji here*

Literally my idea of heaven.

The Viking was super patient with me. I was sniffing and sampling pretty much everything, and he didn’t complain once. He’s not really much for shopping in general, but shopping for bath and body stuff is just extra boring for the poor guy. Bless his heart for letting me frolic through Lush like some delusional Disney princess.

But we came here with a specific goal in mind: bath bombs for the Mini Dude. Time to focus, Angie.

We don’t have a bath tub in our Copenhagen apartment, and it was very clear that I was attempting to live vicariously through a 4 year old. I piled about 10 bath bombs into the basket and eagerly tried to continue adding more. The Viking grabbed my arm and told me that it was way too much. I tried to argue, but he was right. No 4 year old needs 10 bath bombs. So I left at 5 and called it a day.

I can’t for the life of me remember which 5 bath bombs we got the Mini Dude, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to have a life long obsession with Lush bath bombs. And it’s 100% my fault.

No regrets.

First Lush purchase in 2 years!

Of course, I couldn’t leave Lush without a little something for myself. I picked up two face masks (Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee), a shower scrub (Rub Rub Rub), and my all-time favorite lotion ever (Charity Pot).

finally have my beloved Lush products, and that makes me one happy panda!

The gang’s all here

I know it’s such a blogger cliche to be obsessed with Lush, but I definitely took my obsession one step further by traveling to another country just to get my fix. It was 100% worth it, but I think I’ll take advantage of online ordering for a bit before I go back.


Would you go to another country with the sole purpose of hitting up the Lush store? Or am I just extra crazy??



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5 thoughts on “That One Time I Went to Another Country Just to Go to Lush

  1. If you are crazy for doing that, then so am I cos after having been to a lush shop in London I have decided that from now on I absolutely MUST get my Lush fix on a regular basis and I live in Copenhagen so Malmö is the closest one… 😂


  2. Hi I’m Reina from Japan.
    I’m gonna go to Denmark this year or next year.
    I like Lush so I wanna work at lush in Denmark!
    So i googled and found your blog
    It was funny. Thank you for making me laugh:)


  3. You’re not crazy. When I worked for Lush, everywhere I travelled I would find the Lush Shop and say hi to the team (not as weird as it sounds, the International Managers meeting is a thing so I’d met them before)

    I’ve clocked up a LOT of stores by now and I’m always interested in products specific to each country.

    If you’re ever in the UK, you must visit the OG Lush in Poole ☺


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